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Sweden’s Navy Says Goodbye to its Most Excellent Large Hole in a Granite Island

Muskö can be translated as “musk island,” but I don’t know the derivation of the name. Perhaps it should be renamed Granitö or “Granite Island,” for that’s what it mostly is. Yvonne Crooks-Dahllöf of The American Women’s Club in Stockholm, … Continue reading

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Ant Mounds, Sweden’s Tree Line, Blue Butterflies, Sámi Villages, Etc.

Once again, Eva and I had a satisfying time at and around the Saltoluokta Mountain Station, where we first visited three years ago. You can see the pictures and travelogue here. To give you a taste of the views, I … Continue reading

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A Glorious National Day for Sweden

In that Sweden’s National Day, 6 June, has been an official holiday only since the year 2005, one can reasonably ask: “what do we Swedes celebrate on this day?” Some answers are found here in an article in The Local, … Continue reading

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Sweden’s Act of Royal Succession, 1810-present

On 27 January 2007 I became a Swedish citizen. I was able to retain my USA citizenship due to friendly rules in each country. On 6 June 2008, Sweden’s National Day, I attended a welcoming ceremony for new citizens at … Continue reading

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