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Expatriate Californian living in Sweden with wife. Retired from employment in the USA. Currently focused on blog articles, memoirs, and creative writing.

Being An American in Sweden

I’ve been living in Stockholm for ten years. I like it. I like that I can speak English to a stranger without even wondering if he or she will answer in kind. I reckon around 95% of the people I … Continue reading

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Sweden’s Navy Says Goodbye to its Most Excellent Large Hole in a Granite Island

Muskö can be translated as “musk island,” but I don’t know the derivation of the name. Perhaps it should be renamed Granitö or “Granite Island,” for that’s what it mostly is. Yvonne Crooks-Dahllöf of The American Women’s Club in Stockholm, … Continue reading

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Ant Mounds, Sweden’s Tree Line, Blue Butterflies, Sámi Villages, Etc.

Once again, Eva and I had a satisfying time at and around the Saltoluokta Mountain Station, where we first visited three years ago. You can see the pictures and travelogue here. To give you a taste of the views, I … Continue reading

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A Glorious National Day for Sweden

In that Sweden’s National Day, 6 June, has been an official holiday only since the year 2005, one can reasonably ask: “what do we Swedes celebrate on this day?” Some answers are found here in an article in The Local, … Continue reading

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